My favorite bloggers

I probably would have never even thought about starting a blog if it was not for the inspirational bloggers you see today. So I wanted to take a minute and share some of my favorite Vlog and bloggers that are out there in the world with great blogs and or youtube channels.

Jacks Gap – This was a recent discovery that I stumbled upon this youtube channel but I would have to say it is one of the most inspiring and amazing ones out there. They are always traveling and making documentaries about real things going on in our world today like climate change. jacksgap.com

Zoella – I think she was one of the first vlogs I ever watched and then I followed her channel on youtube. She always has new ideas like hair styles, makeup tutorials, baking recipes, and just seeing her everyday life and the adventures she has. www.zoella.co.uk

Bonny Rebecca – More on the healthy lifestyle and food side of things this blog shares the world of vegan and good food. I have to say that I felt very inspired to try more healthy recipes of her blog/youtube channel. www.bonnyrebecca.com

Charles McBryde – If you like preppy style, East coast feels, and great photography then this is a must follow blog. I stumbled upon his Instagram about a year ago and it had such an elegant and classy look about it that I hit follow right away. If you are into photography this has wonderful visual looks and styles. charlesmcbryde.tumblr.com

Joe Sugg – Of course I had to mention Joe. His youtube videos are amazing this guy has such a funny side ( or whole ) of him that it just puts you in a good mood when watching his videos. Although he also does some serious stuff too defiantly check out his travel blogs and adventures they are worth the laugh. www.youtube.com/user/ThatcherJoe


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