A good lunch 

I have not been cooking much lately, but I have been busy so I guess that’s a good excuse. 

Today finally I was feeling the need to make somethinv healthy for lunch with the aim of getting enough protein to help me last the day. I started out with a medium – large iron skillet and put some butter, herbs, and garlic in it. Then I added the meat and cooked it for about 10 mins or so until it was done. 

Now here is what I never did before. Instead of using another pan for cooking the veggies I stated by steering the beans, bell peppers, and onions for about 5ish minutes until almost done. For the final part of this dish I tossed the veggies into the pan ( that still had the meat fat / oils )  and stir fried until done. 
And the end result was delicious! 


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