A weekend in Berkeley

Sometimes it’s fun to explore neighboring city and see what they have to offer. This weekend’s destination is Berkeley!

Many people will know it has home to the Cal Bears at the university but it has a lot to offer for being the smallish city that it is ( compared to San francisco )

Here are a few places i have explored and recommend checking out for yourself:

Shops – There are so many great places to find shops but the most clustered streets I would say are Collage ave, Shattuck ave, and Telegraph.  Collage ave seems like it goes on forever ( it’s a really long street ) and gallup and down there are places to shop. If you are looking for high end boutiques or even nice 2nd hand stores this place has them. Now both with Shattuck and Telegraph ave they seem to run a little more on the collage / hippy / not as upscale side which has it’s advantages too.

Food – Some of the best restaurants in the east bay are found in Berkeley. This place is hopping with amazing food of all kinds foods from Mexican to Chinese to amazing French. If looking for a cluster that has the most amount of different styles of food i would suggest the Rockridge and Elmwood areas as you are sure to find some amazing new and old places to grab a bite!

Arts & Theater – Just to name a few, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Ashby Stage, Aurora Theatre Company. There is a ton of arts and theater in this city really all it takes is a little poking around to find what best suites you.

Hiking – Just when you thought there could not be anything more to offer there is hiking! Let’s start with Tilden regional park, this park is in the hills of berkley ( with a killer view from the ridge ) and has miles upon miles of walking/hiking trails most in the forest and uphill but there is also some flat places. Stonewall Panoramic Trail is pretty much all uphill but has a beautiful few! you can see for miles and it’s a very nice hike




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