Valentine’s day Makeup

Here is a little blurb on the style of makeup I am choosing to go with for this Valentine’s day. I’ve always been on the more classy and light side when it comes to makeup but since this is for the whole day I wanted to share something I think would work for both day and night. So here goes!

Step #1: I will prime my eyes, I use to nerve do this simply because I never used foundation on the rest of my face and still normally don’t. But I found it’s much much easier to apply and blend the eye shadow.

You can use a actual primer or what i have done is apply a small amount of           foundation on the eye lids and blend it in, then apply some powder either translucent or as close to your skin color as possible.

Step #2: I use a neutral pallet, I like the darker earth tones I feel they work best with my skin tone and eye color. It’s really up to the individual person as to if they want a shiny or matte eye shadow, personally I prefer somewhere in the middle. Make sure it’s a light amount you put on but enough that it does the job.

Step #3: The Liner, Okay so this really helps enhance the eyes. I normally use a pen liner or a dark ( almost black ) color of eye shadow on a really thin and small brush. You can use whatever works best weather, pen, gel, or pencil. when applying you want a thin line, nothing that turns into panda eyes and nothing that is too thin it does not enhance.

Step #4: Mascara, big one here! This finishes off the eyes and it really pulls the whole look together so you want to have a nice ( non clumpy or goopy ) mascara, Apply with the intent of making the outer lashes the more focus point as you want to make your eyes big, beautiful, and add volume to your lashes. I recommend:

Step #5: Finishing the look. This is wear you can do what you normally do for example lipstick, contouring, etc. I personally avoid big makeup just because i have sestina skin and want a little more natural look but I do apply lipstick. For this look I would prefer a medium to dark red. I have been using a natural lipstick in a reddish pinky shade that is very light and has a nice color but if you want something a little more statement then I would go with a darker red.



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