February style 

Every month I will post about my favorite style of that month. This month it’s my daytime city casual look featured below.


This is a simple yet versatile look for walking around or having lunch in the city. To get this look I combined some old and new pieces together all with a total of under $70 here’s how:

  • Tops, since they aren’t the center piece of this look you really have a wide range of what you can wear. In this outfit I used a tan tank top with a white knit over shirt –  around $10
  • Next is the pants, these are more important but still lots of options. I wore a pair of Forever 21 black jeans – $ 8
  • Coat, this is the more tricky part. This coat o have had for a long time ( as with all good coats ) and since the rest of my outfit consisted of mostly tan and black I chose a black pea coat – $20?
  • The shoes! Yeah okay that makes or breaks the outfit. I am loving my new Dr Scholl’s booties, they are stylish and super comfy which is great for the city. I knew for this look I wanted something with a little bit of heel to give me more height – $30
  • And finally accessories.. Really you can add anything you think you might need, weather a scarf or sunglasses, a headband.. Anything keeping the same color theme and style.

Looking forward to March’s style outfit!


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