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In this post I will be explaining how this yummy breakfast dish is both sugar free and gluten free!

I love breakfast its probably one of my favorite meals, I just never made it fancy before.

Being gluten free and sugar free is super hard when it comes to eating the usual fun breakfast foods. The good thing is there are tons of new products and baking mixes to compensate for people who have allergies.

  • For the pancakes I used Pamela’s Pancake Mix. It’s gluten free and sugar free, super simple to use and has a great texture. I think it tastes as good if not better then the regular pancake mixes!
  • Chocolate! I love adding chocolate to my pancakes but with being sugar free that is hard… The answer, Carob chips! They melt fairly well ( not like regular chocolate ) I find them in bulk at Whole Foods and just used them in baking or as a topping for sweet dishes.
  • Adding fruit. The best way to make the morning happiness without added sugar is fruit. I love putting blueberries, pineapple, raspberries or anything else either in my pancakes or just as a side on the plate.

Hope you enjoy this!


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