The City

Monday at the beach 

With the amount of rain ( feels like buckets being dumped ) of course any Californian would see the break in a storm as a sign to hit the beach… And that’s what we did! 

As everyone might know Ocean beach is always windy but yesterday it was crazy windy! Felt like being in the Sahara desert but that made for much fun and a great adventure! We took the dogs and they ran around making new friends with other dogs along the beach. 
I was so happy that the sun was shining and although it was super windy it was not very cold which was wonderful! It was the perfect break to any storm. I highly recommend that beach if you have a dog, it’s very big and usually not too many people are there and other dogs who are there are normally super friendly so your dog will make a friend!   

 On the photography side of things, shoot when it’s windy! That seems kinda crazy but you can get beautiful shots of the sand blowing and the waves.. Just make sure your camera is well protected! 


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