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Ok but first..Coffee!


The weekend was spent in Palo Alto, CA visiting friends and exploring new coffee shops!

Of course with any adventure you can’t expect too much especially when explore a new hang out spot in a new town/city. I have not been to Palo Alto in a little while but was glad to go back and see how things keep changing and new things are popping up everywhere.

 The first place we went for an afternoon child and coffee was Blue Bottle I have gone to the ones in San Francisco and written about them but mostly just love the light and airy style they have. This one was in Hanna Haus which is a workspace area ( rent a seat and work from your computer ) that was a little new to me but they seem to be popping up everywhere. This time I order their mint herbal Tea and it was amazing! always taste and hip which I love.

The next day we went to Red Rock Cafe This was still a cool place but was different from Hana Haus style.. It’s more free boho style like you might find in the upper parts of College Ave in Berkeley. They had more food stuff and at lowers prices plus there is an upstairs sitting area which is super nice and WiFi!


My friend got a coffee and she said it was really good, I got seemed milk and yes although it’s just milk it was lovely.

Feeling like we are on a cafe roll here! definitely going to be exploring more places around the Bay Area again soon!


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