Spring hairstyle 


I have been posting my most recent hairstyle on Instagram and thought I would share a short tutorial with you on my blog. It’s very simple and easy if you are good at French braiding. 

Step 1: first you are going to part your hair on one side either right or left ( which ever you want your braid on ) then take a section of the hair at the top ( about 1/4 ) and start French braiding until past the ear. 

Step 2: now that you have your braid put a clear elastic band on it. Then take the excess hair and put it into a medium to low bun. You can secure it with hair pins if needed  

Step 3: wrap the braid under and around the bun. Then you can tuck the end of the braid underneath a part of the braid it bun. Secure it with Bobby pins, you could even add a hair flower to spring it up!

When finished it should look something like this, and of course you could do this style with fish tail braids



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