My Natural Skin Care

Through the months of watching youtubers and makeup guru’s and natural makeup blog posts I came to the conclusion that sharing routines and advice for natural skin care would be something I would love to contribute to in the online world that is today.

Quick background of my skin, when I was younger and in my early to mid teens I had pretty bad acne and when I say pretty bad I mean probably along the lines of medium but to be that was really bad since before puberty my face was flawless. Since then I have tried a lot of things to get rid of it and up until a few years ago I was kind of in a daze as to succeeding or creating a pan for getting rid of my acne.

I noticed when I developed some food allergies ( whole other story to be shared another time ) that it seemed to change my skin, knowing that now I took a look back on those things and realized that without really trying my face has cleared up so much in the past 2 years.

I want to share my routine / products that I use on my face and body and things that I have come across along the way that really change things.

Washing: They always tell you washing your face 3 times a day is a good thing, maybe it is but just never something I did and still don’t. On days when I am outside and doing a lot of exercise like dancing and sweating a lot I try to wash my face at night just to get off the dirt but normally just with a damp cloth or water.

Soap: I try not to soap my face up more then once a week or if it’s really dirty 2 times a week. Since I have sensitive skin I try to be careful about cleaning it with soap too often and usually when I soap up it is with a really gentle face wash ( by alba ) or just baking soda which works wonders.

Body wash: I have been using for a while natural soaps when I can and I defiantly see a difference in my skin. I prefer a body wash over regular soap just because it leaves my skin more smooth and less chakly feeling. my favorite at the moment is the Nubian Wildflowers & Lavender body wash but I am always trying new soaps and exploring new products.

Cream: I think for people who use cream this can be a very important part of your routine in the sense that it does not get washed off with water so it stays on your skin and making sure it does not irritate you is a big deal. I was always getting irritated by the things I would put on my face and even coconut oil would do it to. For the past 2/3 years I have been using the Alba Even daily cream, it’s wonderful, smells good, and is not too watery either ( which I have found some are ).

Other thing I do when I feel my skin is super dry or I have a few spots of acne pop up because of something I have eaten or a reaction to something on my face is the Plantal Skin Ointment this has been a life savor for me many times I feel the brand is purely natural and has amazing effects on my skin, It’s also good for bug bites.

Please feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions of products that you like and work and anything else that you would like to see me blog about!


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