Morning goodness

Gluten Free? Sugar Free? Does it get any better ?

While being on a diet or just having allergies is hard because you can’t eat and enjoy the same foods you use to or want to. I have been gluten free for about 4 years and sugar free for 2.5.. It’s hard I won’t lie especially when out with friends for lunch/dinner or traveling but, in the comfort of my own home I have found was to enjoy the things I missed in a whole new way.

Pamela’s gluten free ( sugar free as well ) pancake mix is amazing and tastes I think almost better then regular wheat pancakes now. We are so lucky in this day and age where so many new gluten free products and foods are being created and available to us in our local supermarket store. But pancakes are never alone with out the toppings which so many vareations can be used depending on wha you like.

In this post I added fresh organic bananas and whipped cream which is also sugar free if you whip it yourself and add a sugar replacer like Stevia or whatever you like to use.

Just because one may have diet restrictions does not mean you can’t have a fabulous and sweet looking ( and tasting ) breakfast/brunch or dessert!


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