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Getting off refined sugar ?

Coming from someone who has been off sugar about 2-3 years now I have noticed how people ask how I am off sugar and why am I off it?

Well folks, today I am going to share my story.

I used to eat really healthy as a child owning up until about 8 or 9 where things stared to change and I was really busy with school and out all day that the food I took with me would be ” Normal ” mainstream snacks for school kids which at the time thought was great since to me Cheese-its were the worlds greatest invention and also anything with sugar.

Well after a few years of cookies, Ice Cream, and Meats with sugar in them I started to gain a lot of weight and fast even though at that time was outside walking around and work about 6 hours a day and still the chub kept on coming! I seemed as if I was in a fog of eating bad food but I did not care because well twinkles are good and chocolate well.. everyone loves chocolate!

It was not until I really started to feel sick that I realized I needed to change something in my diet and sugar was the hard but nessacary decision. So I did that.

It was hard in the beginning and I mean really hard! Every time I would walk by the sweets isle in the story I wanted to go get my favorite type of candy or if I was at a restaurant I would glance at the dessert menu and just crave for a piece of chocolate cake or something. After about 3 months it was all gone and I no longer craved any sugar… it was like my senses could not smell it anymore and therefore candy just looked gross and weirdly colored.

By that time was so happy, like actually happier in my daily life and I felt brand new I  was no longer in a fog I did not feel tired, low energy, and best of all no mood swings!

At that point I was not sure if it was an actual link to eating sugar that made me feel so bad or what so I went back on for the holidays and binged out and sure enough it all came back… so bad. Since then I have been doing more and more research about the effects of sugar and how it’s so addictive and also other alternatives to use when baking and cooking.

Life is not easy without sugar since it can be found in some of the most basic everyday items that we eat but it is the wiser choice I made and will continue to support and share my experiences with other people to educate them about having a healthy life without refined sugars and all that junk!




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