My Fitness tips

Love to run, do cardio, work hard, build muscle? yeah neither do I! But I do it because I want to be a healthier fitter person and here are my tips to bypass the mind tricks.

Make it fun, No one wants to do things that are not fun and with good reason. So pick something that you like about getting fit wether it be walking in peace and quiet or jogging to a good beat from your music find something that moderates you. For me it’s music, I am a big beat junkie so i will walk or run to a beat and not want to stop because it’s like dancing.

I also dance as a cardio workout which is wonderful because you mind is always doing something new and you don’t really even notice that you are moving and working out until you stop. Sometimes i have gone to parties ( Scottish dancing ones ) where you dance for 4 hours alms straight and because you are always presenting something new to your mind you never notice it.

Don’t overwork, Be careful.. your body is the only one you have and putting too much stress can be really bad. Find a good workout plan targeted for you and your needs and activity level and work on things slowly and build up. A really cool app I have tried is Zova which gives you targeted workouts with videos to go along with you.

Eat healthy, There is really no point in working out and being fit if you are just going to fill your body with junk food. Find a good balanced diet for you and what works always remembering that protein is a must for working out and it can be found in so many forms of good healthy food and protein powers. My favorite that i drink before a big workout day is the Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein it’s grain free, sugar free, gluten free, and it’s vegan! amazing stuff I absolutely love it with it’s 15g of protein.

Hydrate! Always drink water and hydrate yourself because that’s important in taking care of our bodies, i like to drink coconut water sometimes to have a healthy sweeter alliterative for when i crave juice and sweet drinks. There are many good drinks for post workout and replenishing your lost salt and all that so do some poking around and see what you find.

Remember to have fun and try different types of workouts like yoga or dance or whatever you might find fun and fits yours body : )

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I have not giving advice but just explaining what i do for my self.


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