Braided bun 

Here is my easy and simple under 3 minute braided ballerina bun hairstyle.
It’s great for going out to a party, wanting to look classy, going to meetings or just want your hair up and out of your face but in a stylish way!
What you will need: a rubber band, preferably small clear ones and bobbie pins. Either big or small is fine depending on what holds best in your hair.

Step 1: Gather your hair into a braid and do a regular 3 strand braid all the way down and secure with the elastic.

Step 2: Next wrap the braid around so that you are almost making a cinnamon roll looking shape, then try to tuck the end of the braid under the rest of the braid so that you can hide the rubber band.

Step 3: Go around and pin starting from one side all the way to the other. I usually use about 4-6 pins depending but everyone’s hair is different. Make sure that you feel it’s secure and if not then take out a pin or two and adults if needed.

You can follow my video tutorial here:


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