loss of eyelashes..

We all want big full eyelashes and not only do we want our own natural beauty to shine but by the standard to today’s makeup and “accepted style ” we find ourselves in search of big voluminous lashes and will do just about anything to get them.

I noticed while going through a phase of wearing a lot of mascara that it might not be the best thing for me. I wanted nice lashes and to look like the models and celebrities you seen the magazines.. well that’s not real and not only it is not real but it’s not healthy. So, I went on a different path to achieve my beauty wants without the bad repercussions.

I was using the main brand of mascara such as Rimmel London, Maybelline, and even Estee Lauder. All these seemed great in the beginning and made my lashes look bigger at lest to me but what I hated was the stickiness and the fact that it would never really come off easily. After a few months I noticed my lashes thinning and it got worse with time so i took the steps to fix it.

I started not wearing any mascara for as many days as possible until I had to go out to a performance or something wear i needed some makeup, this seemed to help my lashes come back but I also noticed that the oil cream I was using on my face and sometimes when I had no makeup remover I would use it to take off my mascara ( like using Olive Oil ) and it helped so much! I was amazed as the thickness came back!

Now I only use natural mascara on my lashes as I noticed a huge difference. The brand I am using now is Mineral Fusion lengthening mascara and it’s wonderful! I highly recommend it has it is a just as good as all the other brands.


Pic by Foter bettina n / photo on flickr 


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