Books for days..

Home decor is fun to play around with and so it should be, after all you spend so much time in your house so it might as well look lovely!

Most of us have a lot of books especially if we love reading and even though the world is becoming more and more electronic with ebooks and all I still love the look of having a book shelf in my house. Here I am sharing a some inperations for how to have a stylish and cozy home and still have a ton of books!


I love how they made this a space concept. Even though they have a lot of books they found a way to minimize the amount of space it might take to store all those books but making their staircase a bookcase and it looks modern and hipster with being really practical!


This is most likely what I would do if I had a ton of books, not only are they stored neatly they also give a pop of color to the walls of any room and perfect for a sitting room or little office space. Now you may not have that any books as that is a ton of books but the concept is still super cool for ones home.


Another super cool idea for those color lovers is to rainbow your books. This can provide a ton of cool color by organizing your books in a color order like a rainbow, it looks super cool with white walls.

You can find more ways to store your lovely books on Pinterest as they have an endless amount of inspiration!


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