Food decor tips

As spring and summer approaches we all get ready for pot lucks and parties, I always want to make some big grand dish 0r dessert and find myself always too busy or wearing too many hats to actually make something. So in this post I want to share a few ways to take a store aught cake, pie, tart, or cookies and spruce it up and give it some homemade feels and life to it.

Here I’m using a store bought lemon tart, It was in the frozen section for about $5. It’s a good tart but just putting it out on a plate it still going to make it look like what it is and not fancy at all..

#1) Sometimes i like to use an actual non eatable decoration like small pine cones or bits of a pine tree as a sort of winter garnish which also works with other things but it depends on the flavor of what your sweet treat is.

#2) Herbs, this is always a great choice since they smell amazing and you have so many verities and choices around from rosemary to thyme, oregano, etc. Just find a good balance scent wise and also look wise.

#3) Fruit, you can match up the dessert with a fruit that is in it or would go with it. For example here I am using small slices of lemon as a decoration around and on top of the tart to give it some more color but, the nice thing is this option is eatable as well. I’m also adding so freshly picked herbs to garnish the edges and give it a spring country look! 




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