My hair story 

It seems everyone’s hair has a story and rightfully so. I have recently found new products I love and ways to make my hair better and better and so now it’s time to share my tips to great hair! 

Let’s start with food, you are what you eat and that is true in the same sense with your hair.. Not only do you have to be careful about what you put on your scalp but also what you eat as it effects your hair and whole body. I noticed my hair thinking when I was eating bad junk food and lots of processed meals but once I made the switch to more fruits, veggies, and raw foods I noticed my hair getting thicker again. 

Washing, So many people over wash their hair and this takes away the good oils and can also make your hair oily faster which no one wants. I typically try to wash my hair no more then 3 times a week. That said as the days go on sometimes my hair will get very oily and then dandruff occurs but that’s just natural.

What I use, I always strive for natural products but sometimes you just need a little bit of mainstream stuff to give your hair that extra pamper it needs. When my hair gets oily and has dandruff I use baking soda as a pre wash before the shampoo. This I feel gets rid of all the build up and gives it a nice clean without being too harsh on my scalp. 
I don’t always condition my hair, I know I should buy sometimes I like to use a leave in detangler or something to replace the conditioner no specific brand. 

Heat, this is a big part of your hair care right here. I have found heat is an enemy in most ways. I use to blow dry my hair ( still do in the winter ) but I noticed more frizz and braking hairs because of my hair drying out at such a rapid speed. Now I try to be as careful as I can with using heat on my locks and I have seen a great result and more thickness!  


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