Spring favorites

I have been trying and exploring new products and such over the past few months and wanted to share my spring favorites!

Lip stick: I love trying new lip colors and beauty products so this was something i really liked. This PBJ Smoothie Stick has wonderful color they applies super easily and looks really natural!

Dry Shampoo: This little bottle of Amika dry shampoo works wonders! I love the smell and I have never been one for dry shampoos or hairsprays ( really anything that you spray on your hair ) but this one is great!

Parfume: I have a hard time finding a nice parfume and most interestingly this one I like. It only has 1 ingredient and a very slim package. It might be over priced for what it is but I do like the smell and since I don’t wear perfume too much it works for me.

Self tanning: I never really use self tanning lotion since I get tan pretty easily from the sun, but if i need to use something to over up a tan line before going to an event and wearing a strapless gown or something. This gradual tan is by Vita Liberate which seems to be a higher end product and i like it. The lotion does not stink as much as other do so I have to say it’s high at the top of my list for these kind of products.

Sunscreen: I usually use a natural kind such as Alba which i love and it wonderful but sometimes you need something a little more heavy addling lasting. This MD Solar Sciences  sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 mins which is great for the weekend poolside getaway.



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