Chocolate Blackberries

If you ever want a quick and easy summertime treat that is both simple and healthy then try this!

I felt like making something that was very easy as well because I have lazy when it comes to baking or making sweet treats, so I went into the garden and saw a bunch of blackberries all ready to be picked.

I have been loving Lilly’s dark chocolate it’s sweetened with only stevia and is GMO-free! the one I used has bits of coconut in it and like the taste. So I decided to make chocolate covered blackberries!

Step #1 Find some fruit blackberries were my pick but you can use pretty much anything you like. Wash it and put about a handful in a bowl and set aside

Step #2 Put some pieces of chocolate in a metal bowl or small pot and then place another pot with about an inch or two with water and lightly heat that pot, then you want to place the bowl/pot on top of the one with water so the chocolate will melt.

Step #3 dip or roll the berries in the chocolate until covered then set on a plate to dry. I put mine in the freezer for a faster dry time, you can also add a garnish or something to the chocolate while it’s still wet ( for example coconut shreds )


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