Summertime pasta!


I love to pretend that I’m eating pasta in Italy on a warm summer evening with a good glass of sparkling something. So I thought let us try and recreate something like that to enjoy at any time of the year and also to serve at dinner parties and just casual California evenings when you might actually feel like you are in Italy!

This recipe is both gluten free and vegetarian and super simple to make!

Ingreedance used:

#1 Delallo gluten free penne pasta ( 1 cup )

#2 Organic broccoli ( 1 cup )

#3 Organic Parsley ( 1-2 cups for the pesto )

#4 Organic Extra virgin olive oil ( 1/2 cup or less )

#5 Organic garlic ( 2 cloves )

#6 Cheese of your choice ( 1/3 of a cup )


Start with cooking the pasta and broccoli, however, you would usually cook it. I steamed the broccoli on top of the pasta. Next, you can start the Pesto, it’s very simple just add the Parsley, Garlic, and olive oil in a blender and blend it up until all smooth and tastes right. You can also add the rosemary or a pinch of salt to extra taste.

Then you drain the pasta and mix the broccoli in a big bowl and then add the pesto and mix it all up and it’s ready to serve! You can decide how you serve it, whether you add the cheese in the mixing or to the top as a decoration.

Hope you try this as it’s one of my favorite simple recipes to make! let me know in the comments below what types of recipes you would like to see : )


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