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Summer/Autumn style 

With fall just around the corner and summer on its way out we gear up for Indian summer here is California and with that a whole new set of ideas and styles to wear, I think for us it’s almost like it’s own little season because it feels more like fall but still really warm.
The other day I went out in the country with my friend who is an aspiring model and we did some looks that embraced a vintage feel while still being perfect for our weather as we transition from summer to autumn.

Simple dress, This is always perfect as a style because you can dress it down with a pair of high top converse or dress it up with some snazzy booties or heels. This was a simple striped ribbed dress from H&M, which they still carry online at h&

Add some red! try spicing it up on a warm summer day with a pair of vintage 1960’s sunglasses which she had here in red. You can usually find these at a vintage shop or even some stores like Urban Outfitters are making a style that is very similar

Jean! Yes, jean jackets do wonders because well, of course, if you live near the coast then you know the breeze and or fog can come in and cool things off fairly fast so having a medium thickness jacket it a good thing. I love jean jackets because they are so versatile and work with almost any outfit you might be wearing.

Want to make it fancier? spice things up with a pair of bold earrings or a fun necklace! I usually lean more towards gold vs silver color but that is just my preference and because I have more of that type. These earrings were found at Target a while back and have worked with almost every outfit I pair them with. If you love jewelry give RocksBox a try! use the code: polkstreetblogxoxo for 1 free month!


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