North bay weekend 

We had a great time up in the beautiful redwoods and country of the North Bay area of Sebastopol and Cazadero! 

Most of the time was spent at in Cazadaro for an event which included lots of great music and singing, sleeping outside was beautiful at night with all the stars in the sky. It’s something that if you live in or near the city which I do, it’s hard to have a good look at all the stars with all the city lights. So this was a real treat! 

The drive was filled with trees and greenness, it was super hot at about 87• which for a semi coastal place brings some humidity too.. 

We went exploring at nearby forest areas, we stumbled upon a beautiful outdoor church in the redwood forest.  

On the way back the route took us past the beautiful Russian river and the Armstrong woods, which of course we had to stop and have a beautiful walk through the redwoods! Good thing too because it was at least 15• cooler in the forest. 

Sebastopol has change so much sinceiwas a little kid and how I remember it, every year it gets built up slowly but it’s becoming a bit more like Napa, lots of new shops and hipster restaurants. 

Looking forward to the next adventure to come : ) 


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